Tarik Karenga

Get in the forefront with Strapak!


Strapak, pronounced "Strap Pack" is the worlds first organizer frontpack.

Its ability to carry, organize and protect all of your small personal items in a
sleek, innovative and lightweight design makes Strapak perfect for recreation,
travel, business and leisure.  It's the easiest way to carry all your stuff.


Strapak was invented by Tarik Karenga, son of Dr. Maulana Karenga, the creator

of the African American holiday of Kwanzaa.  In addition to being an inventor,

Tarik Karenga is an educator, a professional speaker, entrepreneur and 

the author of "Libation for our Ancestors: A Family and Communal Activity

at Kwanzaa" and "The Pharaohs' 5 Laws of Success" coming soon. 


For more information about Tarik Karenga visit tarikkarenga.com


For booking and availability visit one of the nation's leading full-service

speakers bureaus, Speakers Platform.

"Beyond fannypacks, sidepacks and even backpacks.  Strapak brings

organization, sophistication, luxury and aesthetics together in an inno-
vative recreation, travel, business and leisure accessory unlike anything
else on the market."  Tarik Karenga; President, Strapak Inc.

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